Hey, Hey, Hey, Baby Mia’s On Her Way


Saturday, September 16, 2017, Mia Jean Priest is on her way. It’s 9:28 pm now. Ashley’s water started to break about 5 pm this afternoon. Ashley wasn’t feeling any contractions so she called the birthing center and they recommended that we came on in to get her checked out.  The ride to the hospital was about 45 mins. It was the smoothest ride ever. Even the lady at check in seemed to be more nervous than either Ash or me. She was very surprised to see Ashley calmly wait in line and then tell her that her water had broken and she was in labor.


Mia went to sleep when we arrived at the hospital. Hopefully, this is a sign that she’ll be a sleepy little girl the first few weeks. Nurses Lisa and Debi gave Ashley an ice pop (orange) to help wake stubborn little Mia up. The nurses are doing a more extensive and accurate test to determine how far along Ash is and to confirm that her water did indeed break because her water didn’t break like normal and pop. It was a heavy flow several times over the course of an hour. Now we wait. Ice chips and Avengers till the contractions come on. Ashley just got her IV (I wanted to pass out lol, I hate needles).  Blood pressure checks and computer work all the while Mia’s heartbeat can be heard in the background. Thump bump thump bump, thump bump.

9:41 pm and the nurses have put the IV in and run the tests they needed. One remains inputting the information. The other returned to make Ashley a bracelet. The confusion about stickers VS writing the info. Everyone is a barcode it seems. The senior nurse just kinda shook her head at the new system.

9:46 Dr. Metcalf came into the room. He said that Mia’s heart rate had jumped really high then really low. This gave some concern that Ashley may have to deliver by c section. Ashley was given a medicine to help induce labor. We’ll see what happens over the next few hours.

We Moved to A Birthing Suite

It’s now 10:04 and we are in the birthing suite. So much going through the both of our minds now. We are without a doubt both scared and nervous but at the same time calm and collect. I asked Ashley what she’d like to say right now and here is what she had to say. “I feel like I just pissed my pants lol, I don’t know. Hoping to God that this baby comes naturally and that I don’t have to go through surgery. That scares me even more.” 10:20 pm and Ashley thinks her water just broke all the way! We’ll see what the nurse says when she comes in.

It’s now 11:45. Ashley’s contractions are starting to pick up. I’m hungry as can be. I know strange, right? The cafeteria opens from 12-2 so I think I’m going to try and eat. I feel bad as momma can’t eat but then again with contractions she probably doesn’t want to.  Nurse Lisa is sitting with Ashley at the moment monitoring her contractions.

The contractions are starting to come a bit stronger. We went from Avengers to The Golden Girls. Now it’s time to check Ash’s cervix. While this is happening, my attention went to how dam tired I’m feeling at the moment. Between tired and hungry I’m likely to pass out. 10 mins more to go before the cafeteria opens.

It’s Getting Closer

I’m back from the cafeteria where I had dinner finally. Fried chicken, green beans, and a roll, which by the way were all really good. I feel much better now. I wish I could say the same for Ashley. It’s 1:05 am now and the contractions are coming on strong. She is working through them breathing and being a trooper. Ashley is getting an epidural in moments to prepare for birth. I’m so squeamish about needles that I’m buried in my laptop documenting the moment.


Her epidural is getting ready to happen. I’m going to close my eyes and sit silently. Scratch that I’m going to stand by her side and hold her hand. Rub her head and tell her how strong she is. It’s 1:30 now and the epidural is done. Ashley said thanks and goodbye to the “Mr. Epidural Man” as she called him. Nurses Lisa and Debbie begin to prep things for a delivery.

I am having the hardest time with this and I’m just sitting here and being supportive. The sounds, smells, and happenings in the room have me feeling a bit light headed, even dizzy. I can’t help but think about how she must be feeling though both physically and mentally at this point. The nurse said we are halfway there. The lights are dimmed as we wait on the meds to kick in and this little girl to get here. Time is going slow as it is now just 1:48 am. Ashley sits moaning and slapping her bed in pain. Ash just said, “no fucking lie, this shit hurts”! I sit helplessly while she moans in pain.


We’re now approaching ten minutes till two in the morning. I wish Mia would come and the moans of pain would pass. 1:55 Ashley got sick everywhere. 2 am the team enters the room and calls the doc in. It’s time to have a baby folks. This is where I go and hold her hand. This is the hard part not like the epidural and vomiting was easy.

A Beautiful Baby Girl Is Born


It’s now 3:35 am. Our beautiful baby girl Mia has come into the world. She was born at 2:17 am, 09-17-17 weighing 6 pounds and 8 ounces. I had the joy of cutting the cord and separating momma and baby. Mia and momma are spending some time together. Here in a few momma will get cleaned up and we can all get a little rest. This is a very special Sunday. Now it’s time to rest and get ready to go on our first road trip home. Mia and momma should be able to come home Monday if not sooner.

Mia 2

What an experience this has been. Mia is perfect. She has a full head of dark brown hair and a perfect smile. The team at Oak Ridge Methodist Hospital are awesome, kind, and great at what they do!



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