Review – Bright Starts Rock and Swing 2 in 1 Baby Rocker and Swing


Bright Starts Rock and Swing 2 in 1 Baby Rocker and Swing is one of the swings we acquired for Mia. By the way, thank you Jeana Morrison! The swing and baby bouncer set runs off of 4 C cell batteries and also comes with a wall plugin. It has two toys attached to the mobile. One a frog with circular discs and the other a smiling sunshine.

If you’re looking for a swing for your baby and are considering a swing and rocker combo here’s what we have to say about this Bright Starts combo. The assembly will start out to some looking a little nightmarish. After removing all of your plastics and styrofoam protection pieces simply start to organize your parts. The directions were pretty simple to follow for the most part though there was a little confusion as parts are not labeled numbered with any form of stickers or codes.


With a little bit of puzzle skills the pieces start to come together and before you know it you have your baby swing bouncer combo ready for your bundle of joy. Mia is a little girl still only 2 weeks old. Her little body seemed to shrink into the swing set as she is only about seven pounds. By simply adjusting the seat back and adding a blanket or two we were able to make the swing into a pimp pad for her to relax in.

Once we got her comfortable she seemed to really enjoy her swing. The swing folds for easy storage when you’re looking to put it up in a closet to save precious space. The music is soft and pleasant and you’ll even find yourself wanting to drift off into a peaceful slumber while listening to these tunes. All in all me and mama are impressed and think we’re going to really love this combo.

The swing has a timer that can be set to save power at 30, 45, and 60 minutes. This swing set and bouncer combo has true speed technology. This means it’ll maintain 6 speeds while your baby grows. With three positions to recline, three nature sounds and eight melodies your baby can relax and enjoy just being a baby for months on end. For extra safety, there’s a Fast and Furious style five-point adjustable harness to keep baby safe and snug. The best part is, with a simple squeeze on both sides the swing seat detaches and becomes a stand-alone bouncer/rocker seat!!


Check back in a few weeks to get an update on how this product is treating both the parents and little baby Mia. We welcome any comments and questions. We’ll try to answer them promptly. Thank you for reading along. Hopefully, we help answer any questions you might have if you’re considering purchasing a new swing and bouncer combo for your baby. If you’re in the market like we were for a baby swing you might want to check out the Bright Starts Rock and Swing 2 in 1 Baby Rocker and Swing.

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