Summer Infant In View 2.0 Baby Monitor Review

monitor review

Baby monitors are a relatively new thing to me. I came from a larger family and we have lots of children so I always figured somebody’s around to watch the baby so why spend $120-$150 on a baby monitor. I personally never thought there was a use for one. A good friend of mine decided to gift me a baby monitor for baby Mia and it blew my mind. Where I thought this device would be worthless I was completely impressed. Knowing what she’s doing gave me a piece of mind whether it was while I was working, cooking, dinner or doing simple house chores.

The baby monitor we received for baby Mia was the Summer Infant In View 2.0. Some of the features offered by the Summer Infant In View 2.0 baby monitor include the following;

  • Pan and Zoom Capabilities
  • LED Noise Indicator
  • Handheld Video Monitor
  • Night Vision
  • Temperature Display

The pan and zoom effects gave me the ability to see what little Mia was doing when she was fussing in her sleep and instead of running or rushing in to wake her up, I could see that she settled herself back to sleep. This incredible baby monitor also has a volume sensor that lets me know if she’s making noise by an LED without having to have the volume turned up! The LCD video display is 5.0” and high-resolution color and automatic black and white night vision!

The temperature in the room is also displayed directly on the handheld display so you can be sure your little bundle of joy is always comfortable! The handheld display is also fully rechargeable so no need to worry about buying or replacing batteries! The Summer Infant In View 2.0 baby monitor is also expandable up to 4 cameras!

With an 800-foot range, the handheld monitor allows you to see baby wherever you may be in your home! Should you see your little one begins to wake up or become fussy, you can talk to them directly through the handheld device which I found to be very convenient for those times when your little is just checking to make sure you are near!

We would highly recommend the Summer Infant In View 2.0 baby monitor to anyone who is looking to purchase one. Whether it be for a newborn or a toddler this setup is amazing and will allow you to always have a piece of mind that your little one is fine even when you can’t be by their side!

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