doTERRA – Safe, Natural and High-Quality CPTG Essential Oils You Can be Proud to Use

doTERRA essential oils is an incredible company that is seeing substantial growth. While essential oils are not new and have been around for as long as humankind doTERRA oils are relatively new. For many people, they’re just starting to hear about these amazing essential oils. Now you might be saying to yourself you can go up to your local Wally World (Walmart) and pick up essential oils there. The problem with these essential oils is endless. There is no accountability for starters.

This means anything could be in those little bottles. Many of them will clearly say not for human use or do not apply to skin. What kind of essential oil can you not put on your skin? In 2008 doTERRA was founded. The name doTERRA, when translated in Latin, means “Gift of the Earth.” Doterra set out to be different than other essential oil companies establishing an industry standard that had never previously been set. With a dedication to providing only the highest quality essential oils in the purest form available a group of business and healthcare professionals turned this vision into a reality.

doTERRA offers Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils or CPTG essential oils. This incredible company does more than just provide CPTG oils for the world. They also provide hope, stability, and a platform to build a like-minded community together. With charitable organizations such as the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and responsible farming of their essential oils to co-impact sourcing, doTERRA has definitely set the standards when it comes to quality and consistency.

Through a global botanical network, doTERRA has access to distillers and artisans straight from the source where these incredible essential oils are born. Should you ever be taking a trip through Pleasant Grove Utah perhaps you may want to pop by and say hello to the amazing folks at doTERRA. You can visit their state-of-the-art facility and learn more about the vision of promoting good health as well as the benefits that essential oils have to offer families globally. If you are looking to order doTERRA oils today head on over to the Oils of Time webpage and you can be on your way to living healthier and happier with natural solutions through doTERRA essential oils.

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