doTERRA and a Dog Named Zipper

In the Priest family household, we recently discovered another incredible use for our doTERRA essential oils. This is a story about what we call our doTERRA essential oil dog diffuser! doTERRA essential oils are absolutely amazing! I can’t say this enough. My entire family benefits from these incredible essential oils. doTERRA essential oils are not just any essential oil. They are CPTG or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. This means they can be utilized in a multitude of different methods and fashions.

essential oils 1

In my household, everyone and I mean everyone benefits from doTERRA. I have a house full of boys and two girls besides my wife and I. Our two youngest sons are 12 and 13 years old. Our oldest son is 18. We have two daughters. One who’s 22 and one who’s 2 months old. We also have an 8-month-old Boxer-Shepherd mix named Zipper. The name is perfect for him as he is always zipping around getting into some form of mischief.

Everyone in the family from the baby to my wife, my kids and I along with our dog are finding more and more benefits from doTERRA essential oils. I just received some of the oils I ordered to cook with and can’t wait to tell you about this experience. What I’d like to share with you today though is more about an unexpected benefit on how doTERRA helped our dog.


We live in Tennessee. Summertime is absolutely beautiful here. Anyone who lives here knows one of the downsides to that beautiful summertime is fleas. Normally we treat our fur buddy with a flea medicine from the store that you apply in drops down their spine to their tail. We are always worried about Zipper licking himself and hate having to tell the kids not to pet him or touch him for a couple of days. Not giving him loving like he requires and desires just doesn’t seem right.

So last night we decided to give Zipper a bath to get all the fleas off of him and had the idea that of rubbing him down with some of our doTERRA essential oils. We chose Serenity for starters. The goal was to keep fleas off of him. Now Zipper is only 8 months old as I said so he is quite hyper. Almost too hyper. He has an issue with hyperactive getting excited peeing and he’s a submissive pee-er as well. As big as he is this can become an issue. One of the added benefits we found so far other than a great smelling dog is that he calmed down considerably.


You can pet him now without him biting or chewing at you playfully. We ended up putting a few drops of Serenity on his collar to keep fleas from going around his neck. I noticed that he had no fleas on his back but some were running down to his belly after he had dried off later that night. At this time I took a little bit of Balance and rubbed it through his belly with a good old belly scratching which he really loved and today we have no fleas!


We also have a calm Zipper that seems to have grown up overnight. We will be sure to give another update on how the combination of Serenity and Balance continues to work for Zipper as he will be getting a daily treatment of these incredible essential oils from doTERRA.

If you’d like to give some of these essential oils to try for your family, you can get your hands on them today with great savings from Oils of TimeOils of Time.

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