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Summer Infant In View 2.0 Baby Monitor Review

monitor review

Baby monitors are a relatively new thing to me. I came from a larger family and we have lots of children so I always figured somebody’s around to watch the baby so why spend $120-$150 on a baby monitor. I personally never thought there was a use for one. A good friend of mine decided to gift me a baby monitor for baby Mia and it blew my mind. Where I thought this device would be worthless I was completely impressed. Knowing what she’s doing gave me a piece of mind whether it was while I was working, cooking, dinner or doing simple house chores.

The baby monitor we received for baby Mia was the Summer Infant In View 2.0. Some of the features offered by the Summer Infant In View 2.0 baby monitor include the following;

  • Pan and Zoom Capabilities
  • LED Noise Indicator
  • Handheld Video Monitor
  • Night Vision
  • Temperature Display

The pan and zoom effects gave me the ability to see what little Mia was doing when she was fussing in her sleep and instead of running or rushing in to wake her up, I could see that she settled herself back to sleep. This incredible baby monitor also has a volume sensor that lets me know if she’s making noise by an LED without having to have the volume turned up! The LCD video display is 5.0” and high-resolution color and automatic black and white night vision!

The temperature in the room is also displayed directly on the handheld display so you can be sure your little bundle of joy is always comfortable! The handheld display is also fully rechargeable so no need to worry about buying or replacing batteries! The Summer Infant In View 2.0 baby monitor is also expandable up to 4 cameras!

With an 800-foot range, the handheld monitor allows you to see baby wherever you may be in your home! Should you see your little one begins to wake up or become fussy, you can talk to them directly through the handheld device which I found to be very convenient for those times when your little is just checking to make sure you are near!

We would highly recommend the Summer Infant In View 2.0 baby monitor to anyone who is looking to purchase one. Whether it be for a newborn or a toddler this setup is amazing and will allow you to always have a piece of mind that your little one is fine even when you can’t be by their side!

Review- 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub from Fisher-Price

To me as a new mother, nothing is more soothing of an aroma than the smell of a clean baby! Lucky for baby Mia and I we recently received a 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub from Fisher-Price from our good friend Basil Rojas! Last night baby Mia got to experience her first bath at home after losing her umbilical cord a few days ago. I have been dying to try this bathtub as it is very unlike the tubs I have had for my newborn’s in the past which proved to be very challenging to bathe them in safely.


I was absolutely amazed by this bathtub from the minute I pulled it out of the box. This 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub is designed to grow with your baby from birth to one year of age. For your newborn, the 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub includes a sling which is elevated from the tub to place the baby in during their bath time. This held Mia in a very comfortable position without allowing her to become completely submerged in water or slip around all over the place like she would in just an old-fashioned plastic bathtub.


As Mia’s muscles begin to grow and strengthen there is an infant insert / sit-me-up support structure that can be placed into the tub after the sling is removed that will help support her during her baths. Then once the sit-me-up support structure for sitting is no longer needed it can be removed and the white bathtub base can be used!


The second stage of the four in one sling n seat from Fisher-Price is the infant insert also referenced before as the sit-me-up support structure. While your child’s muscles are still developing until they are able to sit up somewhat on their own the infant insert can be utilized by placing your infant with their feet towards the end of the tub with the infant support structure. This will prevent any sliding in the tub. The next stage is when the sit-me-up support structure will be utilized to help support your child as they sit up in the tub on their own.

Assembly of this bathtub is very easy. To attach the newborn sling simply pull the pink sitting support structure from the top and unsnap it from the bottom. Don’t feel like you’re going to break it because it does take some pressure to detach it the first time. Once you have removed the support structure for sitting it is time to attach the sling. To do this simply slide the four clips on the sling over the four indentations at each corner spot on the plastic tub base and you’re done!

Once baby has outgrown the newborn sling and it is time to add the infant insert / sit-me-up support structure back simply unsnap the clips that are attached to the sling from the corners of the bathtub base and then reattach the sitting support structure to the base of the bathtub.


Once your baby is no longer a baby and unfortunately, as much as we wish they wouldn’t grow up there will be a time when the supporting structure for sitting will no longer be needed. When this time comes it’s okay to have a little cry but then when you are ready just simply detach the sitting structure support as you did in the beginning and you’re not so little one will be ready to use just the bathtub base for their bathtime fun!

Not only does this product grow as your child grows it also comes with some accessories and an in tub drain plug. There is also a hook attached to the underside of the tub that can be easily hung across a standard size shower pole for easy drying.

When it comes to price, functionality, ease of assembly and quality we give this product a 5 out of 5. We are highly satisfied with this product and look forward to utilizing it for many months to come. Have you utilized a 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub from Fisher-Price? If so we’d love to hear your thoughts. If not and you have questions about the product please let us know and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Review – Bright Starts Rock and Swing 2 in 1 Baby Rocker and Swing


Bright Starts Rock and Swing 2 in 1 Baby Rocker and Swing is one of the swings we acquired for Mia. By the way, thank you Jeana Morrison! The swing and baby bouncer set runs off of 4 C cell batteries and also comes with a wall plugin. It has two toys attached to the mobile. One a frog with circular discs and the other a smiling sunshine.

If you’re looking for a swing for your baby and are considering a swing and rocker combo here’s what we have to say about this Bright Starts combo. The assembly will start out to some looking a little nightmarish. After removing all of your plastics and styrofoam protection pieces simply start to organize your parts. The directions were pretty simple to follow for the most part though there was a little confusion as parts are not labeled numbered with any form of stickers or codes.


With a little bit of puzzle skills the pieces start to come together and before you know it you have your baby swing bouncer combo ready for your bundle of joy. Mia is a little girl still only 2 weeks old. Her little body seemed to shrink into the swing set as she is only about seven pounds. By simply adjusting the seat back and adding a blanket or two we were able to make the swing into a pimp pad for her to relax in.

Once we got her comfortable she seemed to really enjoy her swing. The swing folds for easy storage when you’re looking to put it up in a closet to save precious space. The music is soft and pleasant and you’ll even find yourself wanting to drift off into a peaceful slumber while listening to these tunes. All in all me and mama are impressed and think we’re going to really love this combo.

The swing has a timer that can be set to save power at 30, 45, and 60 minutes. This swing set and bouncer combo has true speed technology. This means it’ll maintain 6 speeds while your baby grows. With three positions to recline, three nature sounds and eight melodies your baby can relax and enjoy just being a baby for months on end. For extra safety, there’s a Fast and Furious style five-point adjustable harness to keep baby safe and snug. The best part is, with a simple squeeze on both sides the swing seat detaches and becomes a stand-alone bouncer/rocker seat!!


Check back in a few weeks to get an update on how this product is treating both the parents and little baby Mia. We welcome any comments and questions. We’ll try to answer them promptly. Thank you for reading along. Hopefully, we help answer any questions you might have if you’re considering purchasing a new swing and bouncer combo for your baby. If you’re in the market like we were for a baby swing you might want to check out the Bright Starts Rock and Swing 2 in 1 Baby Rocker and Swing.