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AnEye4TheShot provides freelance writing and photography services to clients worldwide. Blogs, website content, business cards, brochures, product reviews and more, you name it and chances are we do it.

We also offer freelance photography. This means if you need some property shots but can’t be there to get them yourself, we got you. Perhaps you are in search of unique wildlife or nature photos, cityscapes, buildings, barns, signs, or other types of photography. Guess what?

We got you covered. We live in TN but travel the country often. If you have specific needs just reach out and check with us to see if we can accommodate those needs.

Look for our photography at the EyeEm Marketplace on Getty Images where you’ll find photos by Ashley Priest James Priest.  Here, we proudly showcase a plethora of quality imagery available for purchase with all appropriate rights and permissions.

Social media management is another area in which we can help. With prices starting as low as $100 a week to maintain an active daily presence with organic interaction we are competitive and get results. If your social media doesn’t get results, guess who doesn’t have a job? That’s right, us.  This is why we always give it our all!

We can help build your website too! We don’t claim to be the best in the biz by far but are quite possibly the most affordable. The site you’re on now serves as an example of what we can build on WordPress.

Writing and photography are more than a job for us, they’re our passions. As you see these passions have led to other avenues such as marketing, web design and social media. We’d love to apply our passions to your dreams and treat your business like it is our own.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for contact James or Ashley Priest of AE4TS(AnEye4TheShot) today to learn more.

We’re here for you 7 days a week!


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