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Oils of Time Essential Oils Changed My Life

Oils of Time Essential Oils has helped to change my life in ways that I wouldn’t have imagined. I’m James Priest, and I’d love to tell you a short personal story about mine and my wife Ashley’s journey to becoming Oil of Time Essential Oils.  For us, we were hooked from the first time we used our doTERRA CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils and diffuser. We had seen the diffuser at a friend’s house during a doTERRA party. It changed color and had this cute little stack of what I called, smoke, coming from it. I had no idea that in a few weeks’ time, my wife and I would be running Oils of Time Essential Oils.


Did I mention that I am picky about smells? I’m a writer with a large family. I have it all when it comes to family. Kids from 22, to 3-months old and a nine-month-old chew monster, pee bucket, Boxer/Sheppard mix. Smells and nerves are always on a tight rope around my place. Did I mention we travel everywhere? That’s right we travel all over the place as a family too. We homeschool so we have a unique family unit.

So, as you see we are almost always together. I love my family but let’s face it, kids stink. Not to mention crop dusting (farting) dogs. I was the one who used everything imaginable to cover up the smell of the kids and dog. Incense, air fresheners, scented cleaners you name it, I had it. Not only did I have it I had lots of it. While these items helped to mask the smell they never really got rid of it. I also started noticing things such as headaches and dizziness from some of these items. Some of the candles, incense, air fresheners and other items I was using had some pretty nasty things in them. Of course, I wouldn’t have thought so as when I was buying these items, I was purchasing name brand products such as Glade, Febreze, and others.

That Diffuser Isn’t Blowing Smoke Up Your….

Remember when I told you I saw this little diffuser changing colors that had a small cloud of smoke coming out of it? Well, this is where I let you know I was corrected that what I saw was not smoke. In fact, it was vapor. DoTERRA diffusers don’t use heat because heat breaks down essential oils. Instead, a DoTERRA diffuser uses sonic vibrations to create an ultra-fine mist that is released into the air.

What I did fail to mention about this little diffuser with its tiny cloud and color changing capabilities is that it made a very large room smell incredible! When I realized the smell in the room was coming from this tiny little source, I was instantly sold. I didn’t care what it cost I wanted one. Little did I know I was getting my hands on more than a diffuser I was getting a life-changing kit of essential oils.

Natural Solutions Kit

Since receiving my doTERRA Natural Solutions kit my diffuser goes nonstop. There’s no confusion about what I’m diffusing. It’s nothing but CPTG essential oils from DoTERRA. I love Patchouli and coriander together during the day. Add a little lavender to the mix at night. Oh, I almost forgot everything to help ward off sickness like OnGuard, Breathe, and others. Frankincense, cassia, and myrrh make a heavenly aroma together. Serenity and balance are amazing. If your stuffy add a little Breathe or eucalyptus to anything in your diffuser and help clear the air.

They Smell Great and Taste Amazing

Beyond my diffuser, I never would have imagined that I love to cook with doTERRA essential oils as much as I do. Many essential oils on the market will tell you right on the bottom that they are not safe for human consumption. This is not the case with CPTG doTERRA essential oils. These are oils are safe for topical, aromatic, and ingestion in most cases. Some people may be sensitive, so it’s always best to seek advice on how to ingest these essential oils. My family is not one of those sensitive families. They can eat and drink anything and everything. When I made my Thanksgiving dinner this year, it was a 22 course Thanksgiving meal.

Lavender, Clove Bud, Lemongrass, Basil, Lemon, Oregano, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Ginger, Tangerine, Wild Orange, Frankincense, and Peppermint all made their way into various dishes I made. Needless to say, that dinner went over very quietly. Instead of the usual idle chatter, nothing could be heard except for the sounds of forks hitting plates. All 12 of us set quietly for 45 minutes devouring this DoTERRA infused Turkey Day dinner.


The information below on these oils is from the doTERRA website.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Lavender– Soothes occasional skin irritations. Taken internally, Lavender reduces anxious feelings and promotes peaceful sleep and helps ease feelings of tension.

Clove Bud– Powerful antioxidant properties. Supports cardiovascular health and helps clean teeth and gums

Lemongrass– Supports healthy digestion when taken in a capsule and can be combined with a carrier oil for a soothing massage. Apply diluted after a long run for a refreshing feeling

Lemon– Cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces, naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion. It also helps to support healthy respiratory function and promotes a positive mood

Oregano– Powerful cleansing and purifying agent. Supports a healthy immune system, healthy digestion, and respiratory function when used internally. Offers powerful antioxidants when ingested.

Rosemary– Supports healthy digestion. Supports healthy respiratory function. Helps reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue.

Black Pepper-Provides antioxidant support. Supports healthy circulation. Aids digestion. Enhances food flavor. Soothes anxious feelings.

Ginger– May help to support healthy digestion. May help to reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion. May help reduce occasional nausea.

Basil– Helps to keep the skin looking clean, clear, and healthy. Promotes mental alertness and lessens anxious feelings when diffused. May help to ease monthly feminine discomfort.

Tangerine– Supports healthy digestion and metabolism. Cleanses and purifies. Supports a healthy immune system. Aroma uplifts mood.

Wild Orange– Powerful cleanser and purifying agent. Supports healthy immune function. Uplifting to the mind and body

Frankincense– Ingest to support healthy cellular function. Aroma promotes feelings of relaxation. Helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections when applied topically. Supports healthy immune, nervous, and digestive function when taken internally.

Peppermint– When ingested, promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. Promotes digestive health when taken internally. Repels bugs naturally.


Oils of Time Essential Oils Is Proud To Be doTerra Wellness Advocates

When I signed up for doTERRA essential oils, I chose the path of becoming a wellness advocate. At the time it sounded like what I would want to do. If I truly love something I want to tell other people about it. I had no idea that I would become a wellness maniac. I never force DoTERRA oils on anyone I only encourage them to give these oils a try. What do you have to lose!?!?

If you use these oils chances are they will work for you the same way I have watched them work for dozens of others. Others including myself and my entire family. If you’re looking to try these incredible essential oils, they’re not as expensive as what some say. There is a little bit of price attached to these oils due to their quality and sourcing, but it’s worth it.

Sourcing is something DoTERRA takes very serious. They’re very cautious about the global footprint they leave behind. DoTERRA is committed to helping make the world a better place through not only providing top quality CPTG essential oils but through missions of compassion and humanity such as those led by Healing Hands.


DoTERRA works to help individuals around the world achieve a higher quality of living. Operation Underground Railroad helps to stop the sex trafficking of children. DoTERRA works with nations around the world helping to increase the quality of their living through the Healing Hands projects, DoTERRA Co-impact sourcing, and wellness advocate partner project.

You’ll find DoTERRA globally in places such as Kenya Africa, Zimbabwe Africa, Aruba, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Madagascar, Mexico, the Philippines, Peru and dozens of other places helping make the world a little bit better. DoTERRA works with farmers through there Co-impact sourcing to offer the world the best quality oils at the best price while keeping in mind the importance of our environment.

Essentially Helping To Make The World Better

You could say DoTERRA really is helping to bring hope to the world. I don’t know what works for everyone, but I can tell you what works for my family and me and that is doTERRA CPTG essential oils and products. We love not only the oils but also products such as the shampoo, conditioner, Life Long Vitality pack vitamins, toothpaste, and the OnGuard hand sanitizing soap and spray to name a few.

CPTG essential oils from doTERRA truly are remarkable, and I have found them to be better than any other essential oils on the market I’ve tried. And believe me when I got into doTERRA essential oils I tried many different oils just to see what they were like before tossing them in the garbage. When you’re ready to see for yourself just how effective and efficient the CPTG essential oils from doTERRA can be it’s time for you to visit Oils of Time.

Introductory Kit

We can get these oils into your home and have options that fit all types of budgets. You can get 3, 5ml bottles of doTERRA CPTG essential oils including a lavender, a peppermint, and a bottle of lemon for only $26.67 plus tax and shipping. When you’re ready to get your hands on these oils, want to learn how you can earn oils for free, or are interested in hosting a doTERRA oil party be sure you contact us anytime day or night at Oils of Time.

When you reach out to us to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate or to purchase doTERRA products you get more than just products. You get our promise that we will help do our absolute best to answer every question you have about how to use the products you purchase as well as the potential benefits these products stand to offer you. When you join the doTERRA family, you’re joining a team. A team that is set up for success. A team that works together supporting one another through the learning process of all the incredible attributes essential oils offer us. When you’re ready for essential oils, we’re more than ready to help you, here at Oils of time Essential Oils.

Oils of Time Offers Oils That May Just Help You Slow Time Down A Little

CPTG DōTERRA Lavender, Patchouli, and Frankincense Essential Oils


Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade or (CPTG) DōTERRA essential oils have helped change my life. I truly recommend these oils for everyone. My family enjoys the benefits of these oils every day all day. There’s no confusion about what we’re diffusing, it’s nothing but CPTG DōTERRA essential oils. Today I’m going to take a moment to give you a little information about three of my favorite essential oils.

Frankincense, Lavender, and Patchouli are three incredible oils I didn’t know I was going to love it as much as I did. We’re going to start with my favorite F-word, Frankincense.



Frankincense essential oil from DōTERRA is as good as it gets when it comes to purity and quality. Frankincense has been around since biblical days and before. The Babylonians, Egyptians, Assyrians, and others have utilized Frankincense for many of its abilities and health attributes.

From lotions and salves to perfumes, makeup, and more Frankincense has solidified itself as a legend amongst essential oils throughout history. Frankincense is even used for religious ceremonies in certain instances.

 Frankincense essential oil is an important building block in promoting healthy cellular function. It also helps with the reduction of imperfections in the skin when topically applied. Frankincense CPTG essential oil from DōTERRA supports a healthy immune system and digestive function too, by simply taking a few drops in a veggie capsule daily.

I used frankincense in the glaze for my spiral cut ham this Thanksgiving and it was amazing. Talk about an incredible smell when your diffusing, Frankincense is truly aromatherapy at its best in my opinion. One of my favorite blends to diffuse is Frankincense, Cassia, and Myrrh.

Frankincense is great for helping to get rid of pesky headaches too. If you got a headache bothering you, try placing a drop of Frank on your temples. If that doesn’t help place a drop on your fingertip and press it to the roof of your mouth for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute. A lot of people find this to be an amazing way to combat pesky headaches.



Lavender oil is another favorite of mine. I had no idea that I’d love Lavender as much as I do. When it comes to relaxation and getting a good night’s sleep, I’d have to say Lavender truly is a blessing. Diffusing Lavender is awesome! The aroma fills the room with a pleasant relaxing scent that just makes you feel at ease. I personally love to cook with Lavender. I’ve made pinto beans, carrots, and other side dishes using a drop of Lavender to see how it would come out and I was more than happy with the end results.

CPTG Lavender essential oil by DōTERRA can be taken internally, used topically, and diffused. My 3-month-old baby girl Mia, loves her oils. It’s a Lavender rollerball in the evenings when it’s time for bed and a DigestZen rollerball for during the day. With DōTERRA essential oils, a little goes a long way. A 15ml bottle of DōTERRA CPTG lavender essential oil has an estimated 3 lbs. of lavender in it!



Are you looking to reduce skin imperfections, wrinkles, and blemishes? Would you like to have a glowing complexion? How about help balancing your emotions while gaining that grounding you need?  Is this you too? Then perhaps you’re like me and will fall in love with DōTERRA CPTG Patchouli essential oil. This sensational essential oil helps with all the above-mentioned areas while having an incredible aroma at the same time.

When added to Peppermint the mix of the two can be applied to the back of the neck, temples, and forehead to help promote relaxation. Add a drop or two to your favorite skin care products to help give them an extra kick of bonus benefits. Vetiver and Patchouli combined when rubbed on the bottom of the feet are said to help keep emotions at bay.

Oils of Time

If you want to try an amazing blend in your diffuser you might want to give Lavender, Patchouli, and Frankincense a try. Be warned though you’re going to love it! I use 5 drops of each. If you’d like to get DōTERRA CPTG essential oils for you, your family, a friend, or loved one then visit Oils of Time essential oils today.

We’re not here just to offer you with these incredible oils. We’re here to help you learn what to do with them and how they can help you. No matter whether you’re looking for a single bottle of essential oil or an entire kit you’ll find what you need when you visit Oils of Time.

Oils of Time CPTG Essential Oils

Oils of Time Essential Oils is here to help provide you with the best essential oils on the market. All the essential oils we offer are dōTERRA CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils at Oils of Time. We do more than just sell you oils. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be dōTERRA Wellness Advocates. We are the Priest family. We’re here to help give you essential tips on ways to benefit from your incredible CPTG essential oils. We also offer you a place to buy these oils with confidence, at Oils of Time.

We use these oils all day every day for everyone in our family. From our 3-month-old little bundle of joy Mia and our 9-month-old Boxer/Shepard mix Zipper to our 12, 13, 19, and 22-year old’s. Plus, ourselves! We all benefit from these incredible oils and we are confident that you will too. To get these sensational oils in your home today contact us via email at oilsoftime@gmail.com and be sure to visit us at our website, Oils of Time.

Ways We Benefit from Our dōTERRA  CPTG Essential Oils at Oils of Time

Our entire family has found a multitude of uses for our essential oil collection.  The best way to tell you about how they work is to break it down by family member. To help explain a little about each person without going into detail and hurting someone’s super sensitive emotions, you’ll see an aka next to their name.

Following that aka will be a few descriptive words to describe their personalities followed with which oils they use and how they help. That’s right I said which oil. As in which oil will I use today!

  • Ashley aka Momma/Our Rock/Everyone’s Everything

The first experience that Ashley had with dōTERRA  was during the great Wookie flu everyone was coming down with in Denver Colorado during the late fall of 2017. While stuck in a house with three sick people Momma and Baby Mia quarantined themselves to a bedroom with a diffuser and some On Guard and Breathe CPTG dōTERRA essential oils.

 Both baby Mia who was only 1 month old at the time and momma stayed healthy and happy avoiding the Wookie flu! Momma uses a variety of oils daily.  Lavender helps to calm the nerves. Frankincense helps with headaches and fatigue. The aromatherapy blends like Cheer, Peace, Motivate, Console, Passion, and Forgive all favorites too. Here are some of her favorites that have made winter a lot easier.

An anti-winter itch roller ball and scalp solution


  1. Lavender 5-10 drops
  2. Melaleuca 5-10 drops
  3. Peppermint 5-10 drops

Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) to top off roller ball.

Apply to skin as needed

Scalp Spray

Utilize the same amount of oils but rather than applying to skin simply massage into scalp directly or add to your favorite leave in conditioner and apply to scalp after shower.

  • James aka Daddy/Grumpy/Growly/Cook

Now daddy loves things that smell good. Let’s face it kids stink. They smell bad. Add in a dog and sometimes the smells in the house will drive dad mad. Dad’s first thought about dōTERRA was how much is this going to cost me? Dad can admit, he had no idea that the cost of these oils would be…. SO FLIPPIN WORTH IT! They made the place smell amazing. Dad diffuses in the office, living room, bedroom even in the minivan!

 To make it even better you CAN COOK with dōTERRA! Have you ever had lavender pinto beans? They’re amazing! The entire 22 course Turkey day dinner was infused with dōTERRA. Dads favorites are Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Basil, Oregano (BTW this one is very strong so go easy on it), Black Pepper, Lemon, Lemongrass, Wild Orange, Tangerine, Ginger, and Lime. Dad is also a fan of Deep Blue rub and essential oil for those pesky aches and pains that come with being in the 40’s.

  • Mia aka the BABY sister/Jiggle Puff/ Chatterbox/Grumpy Butt/Feed Me and Tell me I’m Pretty

Mia really loves her oils! A Lavender roller ball for after bath time. A DigestZen roller ball for all times of the day. Especially when baby’s belly gets gassy. Mom and dad constantly have the pretty Lumo diffuser going with essential oil blends that baby just loves!

  • Zipper aka Hyper Butt/Cinderblock Head/Chewy Hound/Trash Panda/I Pee Freely

Zip is a live nerve ending. What started as a cute little critter the size of a shoe quickly turned in to something more like a pony or small bear. We love our zip to pieces, but he can be a bit much. Serenity and Balance help to give us a Zip we can live with. Just a drop or two on his collar daily and he is a different dog.

  • Amber aka oldest sister/Millennial Career IHC (In Home Child)/ Bag of Emotions

Amber loves all the dōTERRA products. From the hand soaps and toothpaste to the shampoo and conditioner they all get her seal of approval. Amber particularly loves the oils used to help the skin look young and vibrant. Oils like Myrrh, Geranium, Melaleuca, Lavender and Roman Chamomile. Topically she adds these oils to her favorite lotions as well as straight mixes in rollerballs using FCO or Olive Oil.

  • Jacob aka oldest brother/JJ/Crazy Man/Itchy/Crazy Man

Jacob is the one who surprisingly gets a lot of relief from these oils topically. He has skin that is prone to rashes. Thanks to peppermint oil and Melaleuca these rashes are at bay. He also takes a DigestZen capsule daily for stomach issues that he makes using a veggie cap. When he has trouble breathing a bit of dōTERRA Breathe clears him right up.

  • Brandon aka middle brother/B/Tiny Man/ Bag of Bones/ Bird Man (not the rapper)

Brandon loves the way the oils smell. He also uses Basil and Clove oil to help with occasional ear aches that he gets. He does this by breathing the oil vapor from a diffuser for a few moments at a time. This allows the oils to penetrate the ears from the inside. He also uses an ear plunger to make an oil was for his ear. Being so small when he eats a big portion he gets a stomach sometimes. DigestZen helps him greatly. He hates the taste, so it is either in a roller ball or a veggie capsule.

  • Logan aka youngest brother/Landfill/Lunch Truck/Crazy Legs/Planet Head

When it comes to Logan, him and Zipper have a lot in common. Pretty much the only difference is Logan isn’t a nervous or excited peepee’er like Zipper is. Serenity and Balance along with lavender help Logan to gain focus. DigestZen helps when him and Zip share a license plate or car bumper. Logan also loves the way the oils smell and taste. His favorite oil is Frankincense.

Mom and dad also clean the house using dōTERRA. A few drops of oils mixed in with clean water and it’s go time for a clean smelling shine! Geranium and Coriander smell amazing. Add a dash of Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime, Cassia, Frank, or any of your other personal favorites to make the perfect cleaner for you.

We cook, clean, and bask in the awesomeness of dōTERRA CPTG essential oils daily and have seen better health because of it. The money saved on doctor visits and prescriptions for rashes, ear-aches, stomachs and more than cover the cost of our oils. Our family being happy and healthy, well I’ve learned that you can’t put a price on that.

We’d love to help you get these oils in your home. We can even show you how you can earn free oils! If you want to give these oils a try for yourself to see what we’re talking about we can help. You can 3 incredible oils, Lavender, Peppermint and Breathe for as low as around $40 plus shipping.

With dōTERRA CPTG essential oils a little goes a long way. Are you ready to join the dōTERRA family? If so, contact us today to get signed up as a wellness advocate where you can receive wholesale pricing for your oils! What are you waiting for? Get your oils on the way today by visiting Oils of Time.

December Essential Oil Deals from Oils of Time

If you haven’t noticed by now the team here at AnEye4TheShot has a newfound love for essential oils! We have always had a passion for plant-based medicines which some people considered to be alternative treatment options. Plant-based medicines, however, have been around for centuries, unlike the plethora of pharmaceuticals that we have today. They also work much more efficiently for many people while not presenting an array of side effects.


We recently got to experience the benefits of these oils first-hand and have nothing but faith in their ability to help many different ailments. We are so passionate that we have even started our own essential oils company in which we represent and sell doTERRA essential oils known as Oils of Time! Since we love our followers and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you we went to share these amazing life-changing oils with you.

You can expect to find many blogs in the weeks and months to come covering the benefits of individual oils, our first-hand experiences and much more. This blog, however, is to make you aware of some of the amazing deals that we have running for the month of December that includes 2 oils in which many of you may be familiar with as they were referenced in the Bible. Check out these amazing deals and more information about these essential oils below!



Frankincense is often known as the King of essential oils because of the plethora of benefits that it offers as well as the many ways in which it can be utilized! Frankincense is known for providing feelings of peace and happiness. This essential oil which was referenced in the New Testament was also burned religiously by Assyrians and the Babylonians. The ancient Egyptians also utilized Frankincense resin for a plethora of different applications. From its soothing beauty properties and ability to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections to its ability to support healthy cellular function when taken internally, Frankincense is one oil you are going to want in your collection!

This month only if you place a 200 PV order with Oils of Time you will receive a 15 ml bottle of Frankincense for free which is a $93 value!!!



Myrrh is a very beneficial essential oil which is extracted from the Myrrh tree. According to history, at one time Myrrh was as valuable as its weight in gold. While Myrrh can be used in perfumes and incense it also offers many health benefits. Myrrh is renowned for its ability to help you maintain a clean and healthy mouth and throat. Myrrh is also believed to help promote younger looking skin and may also help with emotional health when diffused aromatically.

This month only when you purchase Myrrh at retail prices you can receive 10% off. If you sign up for a wholesale membership however you can save 35% on this amazing oil!


Holiday Joy and Ornament Diffuser

One of the perks of ordering from Oils of Time is that when you place a 100 pv order you will receive the product of the month for free! The product of the month for December 2017 is a 5ml bottle of Holiday Joy and an Ornament Diffuser! The Holiday Joy is a blend of some of my favorite essential oils including Wild Orange, Clove, Cassia, Nutmeg and Siberian Fir to name a few. To me, this blend smells like the holidays in a bottle when diffused! I can almost hear carols playing and smell grandmas cooking! This month along with the Holiday Joy you will also receive a free Ornament Diffuser as part of the Product of the Month promotion!

If you would like to take advantage of these amazing offers or learn more about essential oils and which ones are right for you, contact us today. You can reach us through our website here or via email at oilsoftime@gmail.com! We look forward to helping you start your journey with these amazing historical essential oils!

Today’s BOGO is Touching!

doTerra essential oils are running the sale of all sales this week with a BOGO each day! Today’s BOGO is Motivate Touch and Peace Touch. That’s right BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. When you buy one bottle of the doTERRA Peace Touch you get a bottle of doTERRA Motivate Touch for FREE! The doTERRA Peace Touch blend is the perfect blend to help counteract fearful emotions and anxious feelings.


The Peace Touch blend helps promote confidence, reassurance, and contentment through its aromatic attributes. A combination of Vetiver, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Spearmint, Labdanum, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and fractionated coconut oil (FCO) come together in one amazing rollerball that’s there for you when you need it the most. We all know we can use a little more peace in our lives and this is a great way to get a little peace, a little doTERRA Peace Touch.

Remember when you buy your doTerra Peace Touch you get doTERRA Motivate Touch for free. doTERRA Motivate Touch is the perfect rollerball of essential oils to help promote courage, confidence, and belief. doTERRA Motivate Touch helps to ward away negative feelings, cynicism, and push away pessimism for many people. A combination of FCO, Basil, Melissa, Vanilla Bean, Rosemary, Clementine, Yuzu, and Peppermint come together to create this essential to your collection essential oil collection.

essential oils 1

doTerra essential oils are all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Not only do you get in incredible BOGO deal you also get the peace of mind that comes with helping to make lives better around the world. Get a great deal and a great feel! A great feeling that comes in the form of feeling good from helping people around the world and the great feeling of getting an incredible deal with the doTERRA BOGO sale of the day! If you’re looking for even more incredible savings the doTERRA Natural Solutions Kit valued at $733.33 retail can be yours for $440 when you sign up as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate! Valid until November 20th, 2017!

If either of these deals sound great to you then head on over to Oils of Time. Should you choose to go with the larger Natural Solutions kit be sure to reach out and ask us how to receive $100 worth of doTERRA product for FREE! Get your BOGO deal from doTERRA today from Oils of Time!

Oils of Time Wants You to Save Big This Month on Essential Oils

Oils of Time is proud to be part of the doTERRA family. When you’re ready to try essential oils for yourself, we have an oil for you at Oils of Time. Here’s the kit I started with and the one I think that will be perfect for you too! When you use these products daily, you notice the difference they make almost instantly. The positive mood change alone is virtually instant from diffusing these CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils! This kit has everything you need and then some. Without a doubt, you’re going to want to share these doTERRA CPTG essential oils with someone you know!

(Price $733.33) I can set you up this month with this incredible kit for $440+ tax. The vitamins, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and hand wash are AMAZEBALLS! The way you feel and the money you save being healthy is worth it alone.


Dietary, Anxiety, Stress, Pain- This is your kit! I’d love to give you the rundown via telephone or Skype if you’d like to hear all about this kit and/or ask specific questions. If you choose the Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit this month, ask me about how you can get $100 worth of free product! Here’s all that comes with this sensational kit:


  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Melaleuca
  • Peppermint
  • Wild Orange


  • AromaTouch®
  • dōTERRA Balance®
  • dōTERRA Breathe®
  • DigestZen®
  • dōTERRA On Guard®
  • PastTense®
  • dōTERRA Serenity®


  • Beadlets
  • Toothpaste
  • Hand Wash w/2 Dispensers
  • OnGuard+ Softgels
  • dōTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Mist


  • dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®
  • DigestZen TerraZyme®
  • Deep Blue® Rub
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz)
  • Lumo Diffuser
  • Wooden Box
  • dōTERRA Breathe® Vapor Stick
  • Correct-X®
  • PB Assist® +
  • dōTERRA Salon Essentials® Protecting Shampoo
  • dōTERRA Salon Essentials® Smoothing Conditioner
  • dōTERRA Essentials Booklet

Need A Hand With Your Anxiety


Melissa Oil. This is the most expensive oil at doTERRA. I know many people who swear by this oil. A drop in the palm. Then you take a few deep breaths with your hands close to your face. Anxiety and stress are gone according to people I’ve watched use this and testimonials I’ve seen and heard.

Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Enrollment Kit

If I were to suggest the route to start that is the least expensive for a kit to help support emotional wellness it would be the Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Enrollment Kit ($259+tax retail). This month only I can get you this kit for around $175.


  • dōTERRA Motivate®
  • dōTERRA Cheer®
  • dōTERRA Passion®
  • dōTERRA Forgive®
  • dōTERRA Console®
  • dōTERRA Peace®


  • Lumo Diffuser
  • dōTERRA Essentials Booklet

Essentially, Would You Just Like to Try A few Oils

You may be skeptical about the quality and effectiveness of these oils. I can assure you they are top of the line when it comes to quality. There’s a few different smaller packs of essential oils you can choose from. If you just want to try a few oils out first to see what you think here’s my suggestion.

Beginner’s Trio ($66 retail) Should run around $40 this month if you sign you up as wellness advocate.

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil

Frankincense ($93 retail) This comes in the Natural Solution Enrollment Kit but is one you will want to have for sure. This oil is an in-demand oil that may help knock your migraines out of the ballpark with just one drop on your finger applied to the roof of your mouth for thirty seconds.

These are some of the incredible charities and people doTERRA helps to support through Healing Hands. Something you become a part of as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

When is a good time to talk with you and get you set up? I can do it any time day or night. The sooner the better for you so you can avoid the Black Friday/holiday sales rush. Plus, these deals are only for THIS MONTH. Get ready because you’re going to fall in love all over again…. again, with these amazing CPTG essential oils! Oils of Time can’t wait to get you set up as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and on your way to living a healthier happier life!

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doTERRA and a Dog Named Zipper

In the Priest family household, we recently discovered another incredible use for our doTERRA essential oils. This is a story about what we call our doTERRA essential oil dog diffuser! doTERRA essential oils are absolutely amazing! I can’t say this enough. My entire family benefits from these incredible essential oils. doTERRA essential oils are not just any essential oil. They are CPTG or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. This means they can be utilized in a multitude of different methods and fashions.

essential oils 1

In my household, everyone and I mean everyone benefits from doTERRA. I have a house full of boys and two girls besides my wife and I. Our two youngest sons are 12 and 13 years old. Our oldest son is 18. We have two daughters. One who’s 22 and one who’s 2 months old. We also have an 8-month-old Boxer-Shepherd mix named Zipper. The name is perfect for him as he is always zipping around getting into some form of mischief.

Everyone in the family from the baby to my wife, my kids and I along with our dog are finding more and more benefits from doTERRA essential oils. I just received some of the oils I ordered to cook with and can’t wait to tell you about this experience. What I’d like to share with you today though is more about an unexpected benefit on how doTERRA helped our dog.


We live in Tennessee. Summertime is absolutely beautiful here. Anyone who lives here knows one of the downsides to that beautiful summertime is fleas. Normally we treat our fur buddy with a flea medicine from the store that you apply in drops down their spine to their tail. We are always worried about Zipper licking himself and hate having to tell the kids not to pet him or touch him for a couple of days. Not giving him loving like he requires and desires just doesn’t seem right.

So last night we decided to give Zipper a bath to get all the fleas off of him and had the idea that of rubbing him down with some of our doTERRA essential oils. We chose Serenity for starters. The goal was to keep fleas off of him. Now Zipper is only 8 months old as I said so he is quite hyper. Almost too hyper. He has an issue with hyperactive getting excited peeing and he’s a submissive pee-er as well. As big as he is this can become an issue. One of the added benefits we found so far other than a great smelling dog is that he calmed down considerably.


You can pet him now without him biting or chewing at you playfully. We ended up putting a few drops of Serenity on his collar to keep fleas from going around his neck. I noticed that he had no fleas on his back but some were running down to his belly after he had dried off later that night. At this time I took a little bit of Balance and rubbed it through his belly with a good old belly scratching which he really loved and today we have no fleas!


We also have a calm Zipper that seems to have grown up overnight. We will be sure to give another update on how the combination of Serenity and Balance continues to work for Zipper as he will be getting a daily treatment of these incredible essential oils from doTERRA.

If you’d like to give some of these essential oils to try for your family, you can get your hands on them today with great savings from Oils of TimeOils of Time.

doTERRA – Safe, Natural and High-Quality CPTG Essential Oils You Can be Proud to Use

doTERRA essential oils is an incredible company that is seeing substantial growth. While essential oils are not new and have been around for as long as humankind doTERRA oils are relatively new. For many people, they’re just starting to hear about these amazing essential oils. Now you might be saying to yourself you can go up to your local Wally World (Walmart) and pick up essential oils there. The problem with these essential oils is endless. There is no accountability for starters.

This means anything could be in those little bottles. Many of them will clearly say not for human use or do not apply to skin. What kind of essential oil can you not put on your skin? In 2008 doTERRA was founded. The name doTERRA, when translated in Latin, means “Gift of the Earth.” Doterra set out to be different than other essential oil companies establishing an industry standard that had never previously been set. With a dedication to providing only the highest quality essential oils in the purest form available a group of business and healthcare professionals turned this vision into a reality.

doTERRA offers Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils or CPTG essential oils. This incredible company does more than just provide CPTG oils for the world. They also provide hope, stability, and a platform to build a like-minded community together. With charitable organizations such as the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and responsible farming of their essential oils to co-impact sourcing, doTERRA has definitely set the standards when it comes to quality and consistency.

Through a global botanical network, doTERRA has access to distillers and artisans straight from the source where these incredible essential oils are born. Should you ever be taking a trip through Pleasant Grove Utah perhaps you may want to pop by and say hello to the amazing folks at doTERRA. You can visit their state-of-the-art facility and learn more about the vision of promoting good health as well as the benefits that essential oils have to offer families globally. If you are looking to order doTERRA oils today head on over to the Oils of Time webpage and you can be on your way to living healthier and happier with natural solutions through doTERRA essential oils.

Essential Oils Are Making An Essential Comeback

Essential oils have played a pivotal role throughout humankind’s history. Early humankind utilized plant medicines as far back as 20,000 years ago according to cave paintings found in a region of France called Dordogne. Plant have been the source of medicine for thousands of years.

It wasn’t until the late eighteen hundred’s that medicine really begins to start being synthesized in labs. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Persians were some of the earliest advanced civilizations to utilize the topical and aromatic attributes offered from essential oils.

One of the first recorded uses of essential oils goes all the way back to 4500 BC in the Egyptian Empire. The Egyptians had advanced knowledge of essential oils. From incense to perfumes, medicine and makeup the Egyptian culture utilized an abundance of plants found growing along the Nile River. They also imported oils like cypress from elsewhere.

Essential oils were widely utilized by different cultures globally. The different cultures utilizing essential oils and plant medicines would learn from one another. Sometimes these meetings were through trade while other times they were more violent such as Invaders.

Essential Oils Were Some of The Spoils for Invaders

Invasions are a part of history. One good thing did come from this, knowledge of essential oils was exchanged. A great example of this would be when Alexander the Great invaded India, Egypt, Africa, Afghanistan, and Persia.

Each culture used essential oils made from indigenous plants they had available to them. Greek uses of essential oils ranged from perfumed baths and fragrant massages to aromatherapy, incense, and herbal medical remedies.

Just like the Persians and Egyptians the Greeks understood the natural uses essential oils offered as medicine and when making cosmetology products. During the invasions of each one of these places knowledge about essential oils and how they were utilized in each region was added to both sides collective of essential oils.

Invasion wasn’t the only way humankind learned about essential oils. The wisdom of essential oils was often passed on through ports of trade. Thankfully, today we can exchange the knowledge of essential oils without invading each other.

Science and Control Take Over Essential Oils and Plant Medicine

An invasion took place in the United States too with the birth of prescription pharmaceuticals. Synthetic lab made medicine replaced natural plant medicine. Why? Most likely for profit. We wouldn’t want people to have natural remedies at the fingertips daily, would we?

They might not ever get sick or need a doctor. But that wouldn’t have anything to do with it now, would it? Doctors, pharma, and insurance are big business these days. With the dangers of prescription drugs evident today and the abundance of unnatural substances in our everyday products, people are looking for a change.

Danger, You Might Not Know What’s In That

Products today are misleading. Lotions, creams, shampoos, soaps and virtually anything you apply to your body today over the counter contain topical steroids as an example. Your body becomes addicted to these steroids. Should you remove these lotions creams and soaps from your life, you could experience (TSW) topical steroid withdrawal.

There’s a plethora of unsafe additives found in virtually everything we use. That shampoo you have might have lavender in it, but what else is in it? Could it be we are essentially being poisoned by the products in our home? If there’s a cleaner with a list of ingredients you can barely pronounce and have no idea what they are or a natural cleaner that you know everything in it, which one would you use?

Hey, Did You Know There’s an Essential Oil for This?

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin
  • Babies
  • Pets
  • Topical applications
  • Oral Applications
  • Headaches
  • Fevers
  • Plus, More!

The list of ways you can apply essential oils to your everyday life goes on. Essential oils are not new. They have been around for thousands of years and utilized by virtually every culture globally. Today an awakening is occurring with more people than ever before.

This awakening entails a healthier natural life that gets back to the basics. Plant-based medicines have worked for thousands of years. Essential oils have been there all along. You could say we’re getting back to our roots.

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils visit Oils of Time. Here, you’ll find an amazing selection of essential oils and essential oil gift sets. These essential oils are not the weak watered-down oils you find on many store shelves. These are high quality organic grown oils sourced and farmed in their native regions. You deserve nothing but the best for you and/or your family. Get nothing but the best when you visit Oils of Time Essential Oils.



Introducing doTERRA Essential Oils

For centuries cultures around the world have turned to nature when it comes to the medicines they need for a wide variety of different ailments. It wasn’t until the last century that people in countries all around the globe started to depend on synthetically made lab-based chemical medicines such as the ones so overly prescribed today in places such as the U.S. Thanks to the internet though and the growing need and desire to educate ourselves that we are starting to see within society people are starting to realize that we may have had it right from the start.

This has led many people to going back to our roots and utilizing plant-based medicines once again. One of the products that we have seen grow in popularity at a rapid rate over the last several years are essential oils. We have seen many different brands of oils first hand and know many people who utilize them on a daily basis. There is one product line of essential oils however that has always stood out to us against the rest.

doTERRA essential oils are quickly becoming a household name in homes around the world. Many individuals who have utilized these oils have been able to find a great relief from a wide variety of different ailments and many have also been able to greatly reduce their reliance upon pharmaceuticals and over the counter medicines. Let’s take a journey together and learn some more about these remarkable oils and how they may be beneficial for you.

doTERRA Essential Oil Basics

What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils well are essentially what give different plants in nature their aromatic qualities and distinct smells. Essential oils are considered a volatile aromatic compound. This in layman terms means that essential oils or minute organic molecules that can quickly be altered from a liquid or solid state to a gas at room temperature. There are over 3,000 types of volatile aromatic compounds that have been identified thus far. The type of volatile aromatic compound that is in an essential oil will help to determine the benefits that it offers as well as the aroma that it provides according to the doTERRA website.

What Makes doTERRA Different from the Rest?

With so many different essential oil companies on the market today, what is it that makes doTERRA stand apart from the others? The answer to this question in my opinion truly boils down to the stringent testing in which all doTERRA essential oils go through. Each doTERRA essential oil product is certified against Pure Therapeutic Grade Quality Protocols. The oils utilized in the making of doTERRA products are distilled from plants that have been grown to perfection by skilled cultivators around the globe. The plants in which doTERRA distills their oils from are made with the most modern techniques and technologies.

Most Popular doTERRA Essential Oils and What They May Help

Breathe– The Breathe essential oil products from doTERRA is a combination of Melaleuca, Laurel Leaf, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cardamom, Ravensara, and Ravintsara essential oils. This combination helps to obtain and maintain clear airways allowing for easier breathing. The essential oil Breathe product can be applied topically or diffused in the doTERRA diffuser. There is also a doTERRA respiratory drop Breathe product, as well as a doTERRA, Breathe Touch which is a combination of the Breathe essential oil and fractionated coconut oil available in a roll-on applicator.

OnGuard– The OnGuard doTERRA essential oil product line very well maybe their most extensive product line. From essential oil form to cleaner concentrates, laundry detergent, hand wash, throat drops, toothpaste and sanitizing mists OnGuard can be utilized in a variety of manners. The OnGuard doTERRA essential oil blend is designed to help support and maintain a healthy immune system while helping to cleanse impurities from the body. doTERRA OnGuard essential oils can be diffused, used topically or ingested. OnGuard is a combination of Eucalyptus Leaf, Rosemary Leaf, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Wild Orange Peel and Cinnamon Bark essential oils providing a very spicy and warm aroma.

DigestZen– DigestZen doTERRA oil products are designed to help treat stomach related and digestive issues and is available in a wide variety of forms. DigestZen is available in tablets, essential oil form, soft gels, and a roll-on applicator. DigestZen products are a combination of Caraway Seed, Coriander Seed, Tarragon Plant, Fennel Seed, Anise Seed, Peppermint Plant, and Ginger Root essential oils. Like many other doTERRA, essential oil products the DigestZen essential oil can be diffused used topically or digested when diluted in liquid.

We hope that this information allowed you to gain some knowledge surrounding these not so new but new products taking the world by storm. If you have utilized essential oils we would love to hear about your experience and any suggestions that you may want to share with our audience.